Rentals:  Rules and Regulations

Upon signing a Shoreline Community College Facility Rental Contract for use of College Facilities, Shoreline Community College, referred to as the "College" and "Facility User" or "User" shall agree to the following policies. The "Facility User" shall include, but not be limited to, all outside community organizations, individuals, and groups; and Shoreline Community College departments, teams, students and employees. For more information, see the complete SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures.

  1. The College agrees to permit the Facility User to utilize the facilities belonging to the College as specified on the Facility Rental Agreement. These facilities may be utilized by the User during time periods specified on the reservation confirmation and contract. College will provide User a reservation confirmation and event management support. 

  2. The College may deny or cancel the use of College facilities with the User if the use:

    • Interferes or conflicts with College class schedules, programs, administration and services.

    • Interferes with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus.

    • Involves illegal activity.

    • Causes a hazard or damage to the College facilities.

    • Creates undue stress on College resources.

    • Is scheduled when an emergency situation occurs.

    • Is deemed by the College that persons or property might be endangered and/or the event might in any way be prejudicial to others or not in the best interest of the College.

    • Violates College regulations and/or breach of provisions of the rental agreement.

    • If the Rental or College Client has used the facilities in the past and has damaged College property, left grounds in disorder, or has failed to cooperate with College staff concerning use of facilities.

    • If the event is not properly scheduled with the College.

  3. The User agrees to indemnify the College against all liability, loss, cost, damage, or expense sustained or suffered by the College, including attorney’s fees and other expenses of litigation resulting from, or arising in connection with, the utilization of facilities of the College by the User. 

  4. As a condition of the rental, the College will require proof of valid Commercial General Liability insurance in advance of event. 

  5. The User will have no license or right to utilize facilities belonging to the College other than the facilities indicated on the Facility Rental Agreement. 
  6. Parking is available on a first-come, first serve basis throughout the campus in legally marked spaces. Parking permits for the main campus and Greenwood lot are required for events on weekdays, evenings, weekends and legal holidays. Permits at a reduced price can be purchased in advance for visitors and rental groups upon request. Review the SCC parking rules and regulations here. 

  7. Additional fees will be charged to use College media equipment, including media and theater technical support and monitoring during the entire event.

  8. Permission to use the College Logo must be approved in advance of use by the User, including, but not limited to, publication on websites, print materials, apparel, and novelty items. 

  9. The User will be responsible to clean up any debris, and materials after the event, and leave the premises in proper order. The User will be liable for any damages caused by its use of the facilities and will pay the College for any damages incurred. 

  10. Food and beverages will not be consumed in areas designated by the college, including but not limited to, classrooms, theater, gym, computer labs, conference rooms and study lounges in the PUB, music building labs and band rooms.

  11. Lancer, the food services contractor for Shoreline Community College, has the first right of refusal for all catering, coffee service, concessions and food/beverage requests on campus. All requests MUST be approved by Lancer staff in advance of the event date, including exceptions, and the User will be invoiced directly by Lancer. To contact Lancer staff, please check the website, or email Ashley Pearce at
  12. Serving liquor on campus must be done in compliance with the Washington State Liquor Control Board, and SCC permission forms, permits and/or special event licenses must be signed and approved by the College prior to the event. Failure to obtain proper documentation will result in the cancellation of service of alcoholic beverages and/or food services at the event. Only beer and wine may be served. Fill out the alcohol authorization form and submit to the Facilities Rental Office per instructions. Please contact the Facility Rental Office at 206-546-5863 if you have any questions.
  13. Supervision by SCC staff is required for all rentals in the Campus Theater, PUB 9000 Building, gymnasium events, Black Box theater, Music Building technology rooms, 1000 Administration Building, computer labs, Visual Arts Center, and all large events including filming occurring after hours on campus. Charges for supervision will start as soon as the client enters the facility and continue until everyone has vacated the premises. SCC technical personnel are required to operate the College sound and media systems, and all technical equipment in the SMART classrooms and computer labs. Additional security and/or a SCC staff person/building monitor may be required for rental of College facilities depending on the nature, location and size of the event. King County Police Officers and/or off duty College Campus Security personnel will be hired for events exceeding 150 guests, events that will be serving alcohol, and dances, as determined by the SCC Director of Safety and Security. Fees will be determined by the College based on the requirements for each facilities use. 

  14. Decorations are permitted as long as they comply with College Guidelines and are approved by college personnel prior to the event date. A minimum assessment of $250 will be assessed for violations and decorations will be removed.

    • Decorations are only permitted within the facilities designated in the contract.

    • The College Facilities department will set up the rental space per the User's specifications, as approved by the Facility Rental coordinator. Desired room layouts not received 10 business days prior to the event cannot be guaranteed.

    • The college has portable chairs (approx. 300) and tables (thirty - 2.5’ x 6’ foot plastic folding tables) available for use on campus upon request. Fees may apply for moving these tables and chairs to various campus locations. Availability can be an issue during busy periods and they are reserved on a first-come, first serve basis with College events having priority. 

    • The stage located in the main dining room located in the PUB #9000 Building is comprised of 12 raised rectangular panels (3’x6’) which can be put in any configuration. SCC Facilities department will approve all stage layouts. There are two sets of stairs. The stage is carpeted and skirted. The usual set up size for the stage in the main dining room is 12’ x 24’ feet.

    • Additional personnel fees for facility setup and tear down may be required depending on the requirements and layout.

    • Pins, tacks, nails or other puncturing devices are prohibited. Blue tape and putty are acceptable. Scotch, masking, duct tapes and glue are not allowed on any surface, including, but not limited to: fixtures, doors, walls, columns, light fixtures or windows. Signs on walls, pillars, windows and glass doors, and banners must be approved in advance.

    • Balloons (helium filled or not) must be tied down and removed after the event is completed.

  15. Cleanup - All personal materials, equipment, and furnishings must be removed from the College campus
    at the conclusion of the event. The event, including cleanup, must be concluded by the end of the contracted event time and if additional clean up time is needed, the time will be added to the rental contract. The campus
    closes at 12:00 a.m. midnight so all cleanup must be completed by that time, unless otherwise agreed upon by SCC Security and Facility Rentals representatives. The User may be assessed a minimum $50.00 per day fee for items left at the conclusion of the event. In the #1600 Theater, #3000 Gymnasium, computer labs, #9000 PUB Building, and #800 Music Building, College building monitors or security personnel will be present until the building is vacated. Rental Clients and SCC representatives organizing the event will be charged for this time. 

  16. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by parents or other responsible adults at all times per
    College Policy #4127.

  17. Animals of any type are not permitted inside SCC Buildings, with the exception of those used for 
    assisting persons with disabilities or unless included as part of an agreed upon rental, as specified in 
    the contract.
  18. Additional policies and rules may apply to Users renting space in the following buildings on the College campus: #9000 PUB Student Union building, #1600Theater and Black Box theater, #800 Music Building, #2100 Automotive Building, #2000 Visual Arts Center, #3000 Gymnasium, science and computer labs and Administration buildings. Addendums with additional rules are posted here.
  19. Payment and cancellation policies can be viewed outlined in the SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures document.
  20. The Facility User and all event organizers will read and agree to abide by Shoreline Community College policies and regulations relating to facility usage as outlined in the SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures document.