Principles of Precision Machining Certificate


The Principles of Precision Machining certificate is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills that are essential building blocks in the field of Manufacturing/Machinist Technology. All courses within this certificate are also part of a AAAS degrees in Manufacturing/Machinist Technology.

Completion Award
Certificate of Completion
Length of Study
40 Credits
Starting Quarter
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
On Campus
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Per Quarter 
WA-Resident Non-WA resident, US citizen
Online Only
Non-WA resident,
US citizen, &
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On Campus
Non-WA resident
Non-US citizen¹
1 credit $152.13 $166.72 $243.46  $330.00
5 credits $624.65 $697.60 $1,081.30  $1,514.00
12 credits (full-time) $1,331.78 $1,523.22 $2,252.72  $3,124.98
15 credits  $1,493.30 $1,687.05 $2,425.70 $3,308.25

*Amounts above are estimated tuition & fee costs and do not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs.
¹ Includes all International Students, both on campus and overseas online

Additional Program Fees
Approximately $300 per quarter

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What You'll Learn

  1. Work effectively in a manufacturing environment
  2. Use systems to support the manufacturing business to meet the needs of internal and external customers
  3. Participate and contribute to the effectiveness of teams
  4. Understand Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  5. Use fundamental skills in (writing, reading, math, speaking, listening and computing) to meet the needs of the workplace
  6. Gather, interpret and use data consistently and accurately to make decisions and take action
  7. Contribute to the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment
  8. Read blueprints
  9. Demonstrate basic and precision measurement methods

Careers & Opportunities

The certificate in Principles of Precision Machining is your key to starting and advancing your manufacturing career. Earning the certificate benefits you directly because it 'certifies' that you have mastered the core skills and knowledge that manufacturing employers want to see in any new applicant or current worker. Equally important, employers who endorse the certificate program give special consideration to new applicants and employees seeking promotions who have completed the certificate program.

Additional Employment Information: Certificate provides students the necessary tools to become proficient and continue into a variety of manufacturing fields. Graduates may find employment in local manufacturing companies working as assemblers, packaging operators, aircraft systems assemblers and electronic assemblers. Entry-level salaries range between $1,565-$2,886/month for precision assemblers. Entry level salaries vary with each employer and individual skill level.

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