Toyota Technician Training and Education Network (T-TEN) AAAS


Gain hands-on experience alternating classroom learning with hands-on, paid training at a Toyota or Lexus dealership. Master fundamental skills and develop an understanding of automotive service business principles.

Completion Award
Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences
Length of Study
139 Credits
Starting Quarter
Fall, Summer
On Campus
Tuition & Fees

College Tuition & Fees

Per Quarter 
WA-Resident Non-WA resident, US citizen
Online Only
Non-WA resident,
US citizen, &
Eligible non-citizen

On Campus
Non-WA resident
Non-US citizen¹
1 credit $152.13 $166.72 $243.46  $330.00
5 credits $624.65 $697.60 $1,081.30  $1,514.00
12 credits (full-time) $1,331.78 $1,523.22 $2,252.72  $3,124.98
15 credits  $1,493.30 $1,687.05 $2,425.70 $3,308.25

*Amounts above are estimated tuition & fee costs and do not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs.
¹ Includes all International Students, both on campus and overseas online

Additional Fees:Auto Dealer Programs 
Approximately $1700 per quarter in tools and equipment
Additional Fees: Automotive GST/AST
Approximately $63 per quarter

Ways to pay for school

Federal aid, scholarships, grants, and more are available to help you pay for school.

What You'll Learn

  1. Apply fundamentals of automotive service training, including the basics of automotive diagnostics and repair, pre-delivery inspection and warranty repair procedures
  2. Identify, inspect, disassemble and assemble basic components of automotive power plants
  3. Apply knowledge of the function, construction, operation, troubleshooting and servicing of disc, drum and ABS brake systems, steering, suspension and wheel alignment
  4. Use electronic engine analyzers and scanners to test and diagnose ignition, fuel injection and emission systems
  5. Apply understanding of electrical principles, semi-conductors, microprocessors and wiring diagrams to diagnose and repair malfunctions of automotive electrical systems
  6. Apply knowledge of the function, construction, operation, troubleshooting and service of front- and rear- wheel drive, manual and automatic transmissions and transaxles
  7. Test, service and repair heating and air-conditioning systems

Careers & Opportunities

The demand for dealer-trained technicians should remain strong over the next decade. Employment opportunities exist as a Toyota or Lexus Service Technician.

Potential employers include: All Toyota and Lexus Dealerships.