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Standard classrooms seat 40 - 60 students at movable tables and chairs. Lecture halls seat 80 - 100 students in a tiered classroom setting with fixed tables and movable chairs. Classrooms feature media equipment, podiums, whiteboards, overhead projectors and LCD projectors and AV screens. Use of college media equipment will require additional fees and a media technician.  

Classroom  Classroom  1804  1402 1500 classroom  1515  1508


Pagoda Student Union Building (PUB #9000)

PUB Student Union Building exterior:



PUB Main Dining Room:

Room Capacity is 371. The room is set with up to 40 round (5' diameter) tables that seat 6-8 comfortably. Staging, podium, additional rectangular 6' foot tables and chairs are available upon request. Equipped with AV equipment, large AV screen, podium, audio system, stage (12 movable 4' x 8' panels) and limited stage lighting. Adjacent lobby area can be used for registration and overflow event activities.   

PUB Main Dining Room  PUB Main Dining Room  chairs in MDR  Trade show    PUB Main Dining Room  PUB Main Dining Room  wedding 2013  PUB Main Dining Room  Wedding 2014  PUB Main Dining Room  PUB Main Dining Room  Big band dance   PUB Main Dining Room  PUB Main Dining Room  


PUB Small Dining Room:

Room Capacity 109 is theater style seating and 86 seated at 20 rectangular tables and chairs. 

Round tables may be available upon request. SMART classroom AV equipment. 

PUB Small Dining Room  PUB Small Dining Room  HS breakfast QDR  QDR  PUB Small Dining Room 


PUB Conference Rooms

Conference room capacity 24 to 28 for two upper conference rooms in #9000 Building. SMART classroom AV equipment, screen. 

PUB Conference Room  PUB Conference Room  PUB Conference Room


PUB Common Areas:

PUB coffee area   lobby stairs   PUB Main Dining Room  

PUB Main Floor Plan

PUB Second Floor Plan


Campus Theater #1600

The Shoreline Campus Theater seats 360 and features a newly installed 4K Digital Video Projection system and 7.1 Surround Sound, 72 channel Yamaha digital mixing console system and Blu Ray player. Green Room video and multi-source monitor feed from stage to orchestra pit, and lobby video monitor add to performance accessibility. The lobby adjacent to the house includes portable raised risers, ticket window and concession area.  Summer 2016 renovations included the installation of a new roof, lobby and house carpeting, new stage and house curtains, fresh paint, lobby lighting, portable lobby staging, and other upgrades. A college theater technician is required for all rentals and activities scheduled in the building. Green room #1524 and classroom spaces are located in adjacent #1500 building. Specific stage and equipment details can be viewed at:

Theater  Theater  #1600 lobby 

Theater (1600) building diagram

Stage dimensions 

Equipment specs and more details:


Black Box Theater #1600

The Black Box theater #4107 is located on the lower level of the #4000 Library &  Media Center building. It can accommodate 49 guests with chairs on tiered risers. The room is primarily used for classes, workshops, intimate presentations, and film projects. Green screen wall, stage lighting, audio, AV equipment and AV screen and black pipe and drape located in the room.  

Black box 4107  Black box 4107 - 2

Gymnasium #3000

Dimensions: 194 feet x 102 feet with two full size courts. Features hardwood flooring, PA system, basketball hoops, room dividing screen, and lobby area for overflow activities. Bleacher seating capacity is 1,250 guests. Use of other college equipment may be available upon request for an additoinal fee. A smaller mini-gym and classrooms are also located in the building. Event monitoring is required for all activities in the #3000 building.  

 Gym exterior  Lobby #3000  Lobby #3000

 Gym bleachers closed  Gym west   Gym with curtain closed


Outdoor Campus Venues

Campus Outdoor  Campus Outdoor  Campus Outdoor