Tips for a Successful Event

Print: Worksheet for Facility Rental Applicants 

4-12+ weeks before the event date: 

  1. Plan ahead. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice before your event to reserve space at Shoreline Community College. For large events, more advance time is recommended, especially if you plan to serve food or alcohol, or need extensive media to support the event. All facilities used for teaching or other campus activities planned during regularly scheduled class time on week days may only be reserved after the academic quarter schedule is determined. Academic quarter scheduling is usually completed 8 weeks before the beginning of the quarter. Conference areas, weekend and weeknight rental uses may be able to be scheduled sooner. Reservations planned for weeks between academic quarters are more likely to be available.
  2. Get Information. Call  206-546-5863 for information. The Facility Rental office is located on the lower level of the 9000 building inside the bookstore. The Facility Rentals webpage is filled with important information and photographs.
  3. Submit a rental application.The more we know about the event, the better service and support we can provide for you. 
  4. Allow enough time for your setup and cleanup. Both are required for a successful event.
  5. Confirm. The college will send you a rental estimate and confirmed room reservation that will reserve the facilt(ies) on campus for your event. 
  6. Filming or recording on campus will require completion of a Permission to Film/Record on Campus application (Note: if you are an SCC student, please use this version of the form.), insurance, talent waivers and/or comprehensive Production Plan proposal. For inquiries contact Tony Doupe, Shoreline Film Office at 206-546-5829,
  7. Rental Agreement. Make sure to accurately fill out and sign both page 1 and 2 of the facility rental contractYou will be invoiced after the Rental Agreement is signed by both parties. Facilities cannot be held or reserved without such a deposit and a signed contract. Complete payment, or a 50% deposit for events planned months ahead, for all basic room rental fees must be paid at the time of booking. The final payment will need to be paid 10 days before the event based on an adusted invoice to account for final charges for personnel and other required charges. 


4 weeks before the event date: 

  1. Plan details: Consider if your event requires staging, podium, additional tables and chairs, media equipment, decorations, music and sound systems, security needs, etc. Discuss the event details with college staff. 
  2. Catering and food service: Does your event require catering, beverage service, or a concession stand? If you want to use college catering services, please contact the on-site Manager for Lancer Catering in the PUB 9000 building to get the catering menu and quote. Phone: 206-546-6918 or check the webpage: Exception waivers are required for outside rentals not using Lancer catering. There is NO ACCESS to a commercial kitchen or refrigeration on campus and proper procedures and rules will apply for all outside food and beverages. 
  3. Alcohol service: If you are serving alcohol, plan early and get the college applications submitted as soon as possible! You will need to fill out the application for approval to serve alcoholic beverages on campus. Return the Application to the Facility Rental office at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.  No hard alcohol is permitted on campus. The college administration must review and approve the application before you can apply for a liquor permit from the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Control Board. You MUST comply with State law and hire MAST certified and trained liquor servers for every event serving alcohol on campus. Additional Security is required for all events serving alcohol which may include hiring SCC sceurity and/or an off duty King County Officer. The SCC Director of Safety and Security will assist in determining the level of security required for every event on campus.


3 weeks before the event date:  

  1. Media equipment. Arrange for use the College media equipment, digital projection and sound systems, screens, microphones and discuss instructional media access.  If you plan to use college media equipment, a media or theater technician will be required to work the entire event. The college will hire a staff or student technician at your expense. Additional time for the technicians to set up of the equipment is required. 
  2. Provide facility work order details: Does your event require extensive set up by the College Facilities crew?  The college will arrange for additional custodial and facilities crew(s) to provide room set up and custodial services. Providing a sketch or a very detailed decription is helpful. Consider the number and size of tables and chairs, table placement, podium and stage size, gymnasium bleachers and room divider, portable screens, etc.  The gymnasium floor cloth will be put down if tables, chairs or other equipment are to be placed on the hardwood flooring. 


2 weeks before the event date:

  1. Parking passes: Make arrangements for parking passes at least 10 days in advance of the event.  Campus parking passes are required for weekdays until 4 p.m.. Parking on campus is free on weeknight evenings after 4 p.m., weekends, and holidays.  Pre-purchased electronic parking or hanging tags may be obtained for a discounted rate of $1.50/day by contacting the Facility Rental office.
  2. Wi-Fi access: If you want Wifi access for guests, contact the Facility Rentals office at least 1 week in advance of the event for log in and password details. Read information about connecting to the campus wireless network once you have received your temporary access details.
  3. Advertising: Confirm if you want to distribute information via flyers, posters, advertising, public relations or promotional materials. If the event is inviting the campus community, we may be able to submit information in our campus electronic communication. Let us know if we can help!
  4. Decorations and signage. Finish décor and signage planning and purchase last minute materials. Gather your set up and tear down crew to help. If you need to borrow sandwich boards or easels, please let us know. The college does not supply ladders or other set up equipment. Complete details regarding what is permitted and/or prohibited on campus is included in the Facility rentals policies document linked to this webpage. 
  5. Send campus maps: Map links are located on the college website. Forward this information to your invited guests to better assist them in finding the campus and locating your event.  Remember to notify guests about fee parking on campus, unless you plan to provide parking passes to visitors.
  6. Insurance: Provide a copy of insurance for the rental. 
  7. Confirm catering requests: Confirm the number of guests expected, menu and timing details with Lancer Catering.


1 Week Prior to Event:

  1. Contact the Facilities Rental office to confirm event details and logistics.  
  2. Make final payment for the rental. This fee may not include additional charges for equipment, custodial fees, technicians, event managers, sound equipment, etc as these charges may need to assessed after the event. You will then be charged later by the Facilities Rental office.
  3. Allow enough time for your setup and cleanup. If you need more time for this, let the Facilities Rental Office know and if we can accommodate the request, we will schedule additional time. The college closes at midnight so cleanup should be planned to be complete by this time.
  4. Contact Security or other College personnel (Media technicians, theater technicians, event monitors) with any questions or concerns. Confirm access and other security issues with the College staff to identify which building doors need to be open or locked. We can arrange for a test of the equipment the week before the event with the media technicians. 


Day of Event:

  1. Arrive on time for set up.
  2. Bring a copy of the contract and any permits with you on the event day.
  3. If media or other AV equipment is being used for your event, allow enough time to test the equipment before any presentation or performance.
  4. Put out signage, including directional signage from the parking lots.
  5. Know the emergency contact number for Safety & Security: 206-235-5860.  Security, event monitors or technicians will arrive at the designated set up time to give you access to the classroom or building. If staff is 10 minutes or more late in arriving, please call the above number. Our on duty security officer will help you get into the facility. Make sure to notify the College supervising personnel when you are ready to leave at the end of the event so they can call Security to lock the premises.
  6. Clean up the space after the event. Remove all items you brought and leave the space in good condition before you leave the premises.
  7. Have a great time!